WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY   11AM - sold out

Status Update:      24 MAY 2021:

     Regardless of your feelings surrounding the Covid shutdown of 2020, the election and its outcome or the government continuing to send out stimulus checks,  one thing is certain, the price of meat and other necessary supplies  skyrocketing!  We have held off on raising prices for as long as we can but we are left with no choice.  We will continue to offer the best possible meats and sides that are available to us.  You, our customers, deserve the very best and we intend to honor our commitment of that to you.  

     Our hours of operation are Wednesday - Saturday from 11am - sell out.  We usually sell out around 3pm on most days.  β€‹Community Drive will soon be under construction.  While this is good news, we are not thrilled with the looming inconveniences that will accompany it.  There is and will continue to be access off of Oakley Road, also known as Half Dollar Bar Road, which runs parallel to Community Drive along the back side of the Rusty Buckle property.  We are working to provide a better parking area in the back and on the west side of the  building.  Parking in the back can also be accessed off Community Drive on the west side of the property, please remember to leave room for other vehicles to enter/exit.​

     Follow our social media pages for more up to date information and menu updates.  

     Thanks for your continued support, we pray that you and your loved ones will be safe throughout this troublesome time.