WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY   11AM - sold out


Status Update:      Week of  MAY 18-23 , 2020:

Dining rooms are open!  Our menu may be limited and some items unavailable due to supply chain issues or outrageous costs, check our facebook page for updates or feel free to call and inquire about a particular item, 281-354-0447.  Online ordering has been disabled for the time being.  For this week, our prices will remain the same as they have been, even though our costs on some key items, brisket and pork have gone up as much as 50%.  There may be a slight increase next week.  What you will not see is a covid-19 surcharge.  That's a bullshit fee in my opinion and should be left to those establishments that don't care as much about their customers as we do.  Thank you for your continued support.  Now get ready to try some new menu items!  We will be offering tri-tip, leg of lamb and some other interesting items in the very near future.  



​​     We are overwhelmed to have the continued support of this great community and appreciate your patience, courtesy and patronage.  

     Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more immediate updates to our menu, hours and any specials that may be offered.  Thanks for your support, we pray that you and your loved ones will be safe throughout this troublesome time.