Status Update:  4 February 2019

     We're growing, we're learning, and we're constantly amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response that we've received from you, our patrons!  We strive for a clean atmosphere, a courteous staff, and consistent quality in our menu items.  Please understand that not all items are available everyday and that on any given day, we may run out of a menu item rather quickly.   We aren't your typical restaurant,  for a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost being our hours of operation.  We are open from 11 am until we sell out, which is usually between 3 and 4 each day, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, depending on the crowd, any specials offered and the weather!  We do not serve leftovers, that's your job if you are unable to eat all of what you ordered!  It is a challenge to figure out how much to cook each day.  We will from time to time offer specials, some get announced here on our website, some on social media, and still others posted on sidewalk signs around town.  As we continue to grow and consistently sell out, we will gradually make more, so we appreciate your patience as we are experiencing these growing pains.  There are plans in the works to expand our seating capacity, cooking capacity and our parking, we know it is a challenge.  We sincerely appreciate each person that comes through our door.  Keep telling your friends and keep coming back!